UNBELIEVABLE SHOTS: Environmental Officials Caught Fish With Electricity

Kentucky wildlife officials used ‘electrofishing equipment’ to shoot electric currents and jolt the invasive fish species out of the water.

Watch how hundreds of fish fly out of lake during ‘electrofishing’

Kentucky officials used “electric fishing equipment” to launch an electric charge and shake a foreign species to the surface, according to CNN. The particular body of water was filled with Asian carp.

The local Fish and Wildlife Resources Department had its officials give the fish a powerful electric shock. Fish that had come to the surface were picked up by officials, lifted into a boat and sold later.

In addition, environmental officials are running an experimental project to discourage alien species from reaching further into the local ecosystem. A bio-acoustic fish barrier is under construction: it should create a barrier of bubbles, sound and light that deflects the fish.

The Asian carp takes food from the indigenous species and is very powerful in breeding: one female carp can produce more than one million eggs a year.

Source: CNN

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