Me, Myself and Fishing – Getting Started

About myself and fishing

Hello everyone, it´s the end of July already and it´s time for my first blog post. The page is slowly building up and I´m trying to post something new for you guys every week. The first post is about my fishing trip that took place last weekend, and which didn’t go as well as I planned. What happened and why, will follow shortly. But first something about myself. I live in Estonia and I go fishing pretty often, at least I try to. I enjoy fishing both in summer and in winter, both seasons have their own magic.

Fishing in Norway, Svensby at Midnight Sun.
Midnight Sun fishing in northern Norway.

 I have travelled a lot in my life and everywhere I go, I try to do some fishing. So far my journeys have brought me to Australia, to some Middle-East countries, to all over the Europe, to some parts of Africa and to North America. There are still some places I would like to go and try out fishing, like South America and Asia. Because of the various locations I have been to, I´m familiar with saltwater as well as freshwater fishing. I have caught fish from the sea, lakes, rivers, ponds, streams and canals. I have still much to learn and I still consider myself as a beginner. I created this page to share the experience I have obtained and will obtain in the future. Anyways, more about myself next time and lets get to this times story.

Fishing in southern Australia, Esperance.
Me and my buddy fishing in southern Australia.

The “greatest” day

It was Saturday, no work, no other tasks to fulfill. Beautiful morning, I felt the excitement to go out. I always get excited when I can go out fishing. This day I had to go alone, but it didn’t bother me. I was planning to go to a place near our summer house, about 80 kilometers from our town. A couple of weeks ago, it was a brilliant day out there – 2 bigger pikes, some medium sized pikes and tons of good sized perch.

Usually if my wife is with me, she is catching some roach and smaller perch for me, so I can catch monster pikes with them later. And also I should mention the fact that I´m fervent supporter of catch and release fishing, although some say it harms the fish and they die anyways. At least I give them a chance.

On that day I thought I would come back to target some more nice sized pikes and also perch. When my alarm went off, I felt excited, but something was not quite right, I felt it in my guts. I jumped up because it was a fishing alarm. I made a nice strong coffee, filled my thermos with it, ate some sandwiches and packed couple of them with me. While packing my fishing gear into the car, the strange feeling struck again – Maybe I should stay at home, watch some TV and do something else? Nah, it was 6am when I made the decision to go and pulled away.

When arriving at my secret lake, hidden in the forest, away from any human populated locations, I discovered that my usual spot was occupied. Well, I wished good luck for that guy and went to look another good place to finally start casting. Most of the lakeside was swampy, soft and wet. I really missed my usual familiar spot, but that guy didn’t seem like he was going to leave soon.

Fishing in Estonia. Secret forest lake.
My secret lake

My feet wet, I found a spot. I started casting to likely looking spots. It was now 3 pm and no fish. Oh, I forgot to mention, it started raining some hours ago. So I sat in the wrong spot, feet soaked, everything else also, because it was now raining quite heavily. But I still had hope.

The guy at my spot must be having quite a nice day because he is still there. Well, I thought I would give him a company and go a bit closer to him. Now we were almost side by side, but I still couldn’t reach the sector I wanted. It was the time to show the man what I’m capable of. I gave my best shot and cast my lure where my usual sector was. It was a long shot, but worth it. Boom, something took the lure, must be a big one, it´s fighting hard. Meanwhile the other guy gets something on the hook also, weird. Well, I bet mine´s bigger. It was quite a job to reel that monster to shore. It felt strange, it didn’t act like usually fish act. And that’s when my day got „better“ – as I discovered I was reeling in the other guys lure, I just felt that now it´s time to go home.

But no. After a chat with my fellow fisherman and his mate (whom I didn’t notice before and who appeared from the bushes to come and look the great show I came up with). I made a decision to still stay there, but I changed the location and went to the other side of the lake, where no-one could see me.

Fishing in Estonia. Secret lake. Summer.
The other side of my secret lake.

The other side looked actually quite good. There were some signs of fish activity, there was a weedy spot and it looked like a place where I would be if I was a fish. I had given up the hope to catch pikes, so I changed the lure to a smaller rubber one. Maybe I´ll get some perch. Suddenly a massive pull, something big attacked my small rubber lure. It has happened before and it´s nothing special, but this time it got me by surprise. I started to reel that monster in and snap…. gone. Gone with the whole thing. One of my favourite lures, always worked on this lake, worked this time also, unfortunately for the last time. Looked at that weedy spot and suddenly splash and pike jumped half a meter in the air, made a roll and splash, back into the water. I scored him 9/10.

After that nothing happened anymore. I changed spots, lures, but nothing. Then I saw a beaver swimming on the far bank. It was time to go.

On my way back, I saw that my old good spot was now free. There was definitely something going on there – small fish jumping, bubbles appearing on top of the water – there has to be something down there. I have this nice Rapala weed lure that never gets stuck and gets me a fish from weedy spots. „10 casts and then I’m off back to home“ I said to myself. Third cast and something hooked, started to reel in and gone. Got away, maybe I can still get him. After 15th cast I thought „Ok, this is the last one“. And a miracle happened, something hooked again, started to reel in, almost on the bank….and gone. Only 2 meters of line still on the water. Second line bite that day.

On my way home, I was still amazed what a day it had been. I still had many excuses upon my sleeve for my wife: a week of sun, then rainy day; I did not feel 100% good; someone was on my spot; too many anglers; not enough anglers; the fish had been up late watching yesterday’s football game; the beaver; the pike jumped from right to left. I was prepared.

Fishing calendar, Solunar theory, your instincts and forecast.

Next time you plan your trip to go out, consider some factors. For example the easiest way is to open the local weather forecast and see what´s coming. Or just go to your window and check what´s happening outside. Things you should consider while checking the forecast are: air temperature, wind direction and strength, air pressure and rainfall. In upcoming articles I´ll discuss more about how these factors affect fishing. And if your guts tell you that this isn´t the right day, then it isn´t! Also, I wrote an article about Solunar Theory, which is about Moon phases and its effects on fishing. Check it out! Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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