Deeper START Fish Finder Review

Technology has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. Even our favourite pastime activity hasn´t escaped. I know the goal of fishing is to spend some time with family and to be outdoors in the nature. But sometimes you want to end up getting something big and feel the excitement of a new trophy fish for example.  

The Start model fish finder from Deeper makes locating fish quick and easy. It has a casting range and scanning depth of 50 m and its Wi-Fi connection with your smart phone or tablet provides stronger connection and 10x times faster data transfer than Bluetooth. This means you get instant and accurate data displayed on your screen. It is easy to pair with a phone or tablet. The new shape of it makes it easy to reel in. It also features an automatically activated LED for great visibility in all conditions. When fully charged it has a battery life of up to six hours.

Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder

Comparison to other Deeper models

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ Deeper Smart Sonar PRO Deeper Fish Finder START
Best Price check here check here check here
Fishing Types Shore, Boat, Night & Ice Shore, Boat, Night & Ice Shore & Night
Casting Range 330ft / 100m 330ft / 100m 165ft / 50m
Min-Max Scanning Depth 19 19 19
Target Separation 1“ / 2.5cm 1“ / 2.5cm 2“ / 5cm
Weight 3.5oz / 100g 3.5oz / 100g 2.3oz / 65g
Sonar Beams Two angles (55°, 15°) Two angles (55°, 15°) One angle (40°)
Water Temperature + +
Salt or Freshwater + + Freshwater
Built-in GPS +
Create Bathymetric Maps + +
Create Bathymetric Maps from Shore +

MAIN FEATURES of Deeper START Fish Finder

  • Material – ABS
  • Compatibility – From iOS 11.0 and Android 4.4 to the latest iOS and Android devices
  • Sonar Type – Single beam Frequency (Beam cone) 120 kHz, 40°
  • Depth Range – Max 165ft / 50 m, Min 1.6ft / 0.5 m
  • Sonar Scan Rate – 10 scans per second
  • Operating Temperature – 0°C to 40°C / 32°F to 104°F
  • Internal Battery – Lithium Polymer, 3.7V Rechargeable, 850mAh
  • Power Supply input (for charging battery) – 5V DC, 650mA max
  • Power Adapter – Input AC 110V/240V. Output Micro USB A, 5V 450mA
  • Connection Type – Wireless Wi-Fi connection 802.11 b/g 2.412GHz 1channel 802.11 b max TX power +20dBm, sensitivity -91dBm 802.11 g max TX power +17dBm, sensitivity -75dBm
  • Connection Range – Up to at least 165ft / 50m. Range depends on the OS and smartphone model
  • Battery life – Up to 6 hours
  • Charging time – 2,5 hours
  • Available colors – Black and Orange

My experience

I’ve been using the Deeper Pro+ for a couple of years now myself. My friend got into fishing thanks to me and I wanted to make a gift for him. Deeper Start Fish Finder had just came out and I thought it might be just a perfect gift for a beginner fisherman. I tried it out before giving it to him and found it anything but a basic entry level unit as I thought It would be.

When I opened the package, it felt very solid and well built yet lightweight. It had some same features as my Pro+ model, I was surprised to see the Fish ID, which shows fish icons and actual depth of each fish marked. Also it has live readout of actual water depth and nice readout of the lake bottom. This felt just perfect for beginner or casual angler.

The downloadable app also includes a weather screen, to show current and future conditions, as well as a solunar calendar and moon phases, which I personally find useful. The app also lets you document your catches and photograph your trophy, right from the Deeper app so you can keep a log.

You have to keep in mind that the minimum depth it can get its readings is 0,5m / 1.6ft, so if you are fishing from really shallow waters, it may have some problems. Also I noticed that when the weather was not so good, the connection range was shorter than advertised 50m. But it might have been because of my smartphone also.


  • Cheapest fish finder
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Comes along with a good app
  • Perfect for beginner angler
  • Cons

  • Connection range is shorter than advetised 50m
  • Minimum depth 0,5m / 1,6ft, won´t work in too shallow water
  • Only for freshwater
  • I found the best price from Amazon, check it out from below:


    Deeper Start Fish Finder is small, well built and easy to use gadget. Perfect for beginners or casual fishers. The readings are easy to understand. A good and cheap option if you want to fish from the shore. The minimum depth of 0,5m / 1.6ft is a bit weird and even frustrating if you are catching from shallow waters. The adveritsed 50m connectivity range might also be a bit shorter, but it might have been a problem of my smartphone also. If you are new to fishing and just learning the moves, I would recommend it to you. If you are already more advanced fisherman, then I would get a better model, like my Deeper Pro+.