Why I Love Fishing?


Hi again! I haven´t properly introduced myself, so in the following blog post I will shortly do exactly that and also tell you why I love fishing? My name is Steven, I’m a military survival instructor and fishing enthusiast. I think there is no need to convince others like me to start making plans for the next fishing trip – to reel in a beautiful big fat catch or in some cases just to get some fresh air and relax. But if you are the one who still needs convincing, let me tell you some reasons why I love fishing so much?

Fish-Me-Luck Reasons why I love fishing so much?
Spending your day by the sea or by a beautiful forest pond, helps to release us from our highly stressful daily environment

Stess relief

For me, the first and most important reason is that it gives me relief from stress. If you ask any fisherman why they enjoy spending time outdoors, you most probably hear the answer “I feel free”. Spending your day by the sea or by a beautiful forest pond, helps to release us from our highly stressful daily environment. Nothing helps us to rebuild our personal reserves better than a day spent interacting with nature.

Social bonding

Secondly, social bonding is the next important reason for me to go fishing. It is a leisure activity I’ve enjoyed since my very early childhood. Now, while having a wonderful wife and a little son by myself, as a family, we also love to spend time camping and fishing by the water. I am also lucky enough to have friends who often join with me. Sharing a fishing experience helps to strengthen relationships by offering a chance to communicate each other through mentoring others or by seeking a mentor by yourself.

Health benefits

Thirdly, there are some health benefits. Being outside and being active help you feel better and encourage a healthier lifestyle. In addition to already mentioned stress relief, fishing can also help you to burn those unwanted calories and increase the quality of your life. It is necessary, especially nowadays when a lot of people are overweight and do not go outside very often. Fishing is a good way to lose some weight while having fun and feeling relaxed at the same time.

Thrill and self fulfilment

Finally, I also want to mention the thrill and self fulfilment purpose. Fishing is related to an age-old need of pursuing and catching. The thrill lies in the challenge, such as thinking through a strategy, preparing the right equipment and going for the catch using your skills. But even more, it gives us immeasurable life lessons that you will experience along the way.

Fishing is for everybody

Fishing is also a skill that lasts through the lifetime. It can be enjoyed at any age – it is a much loved activity by seniors, and it also excites youngster. I have to admit, there is nothing more fun than seeing your child cheer with joy while he catches his first fish.

Fishing is for everybody. Why I Love Fishing?
Sharing a fishing experience helps to strengthen relationships


So if you want to relax and release some stress, or spend some quality time with your family and friends, just go out fishing! There is a lot more than just sitting with a fishing pole in your hand. To help you to begin with fishing I will share the things I have learned. Also, I will review new trendsvarious products and latest advancements in the field. On this site, I am taking you along on my journey, dear website visitor! Thank you for your support, I wish all your lines stay tight and may your rods be bent!

Best fishes,

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